Twenty-Twenty Life In 2020

The first month of the much-awaited new year 2020 is about to end, and the way days are progressing it seems like time is running a marathon this year. Every year we all look forward to starting a new year. For us, the new year isn’t just a date, it’s a new beginning towards becoming the better version of ourselves. The first day of the first month becomes our hope of changing everything we did wrong the last year. We become more attentive towards ourselves. We start doing things we always wanted to do like, joining the gym, eating healthy food, waking up early in the morning, spending more time with the outer world, reading more books instead of reading posts on social media, etc. Now, I know what many of you must be thinking, “I wanted to do so many things this year, but I haven’t even started one and January is already about to end, right?” Don’t worry you aren’t alone. You can still start afresh. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Dates Are Just Numbers


First of all, I want to convey to you, in very simple words that nothing changes in the new year except for the fact, that, the Earth has completed its 365 days of the revolution around the Sun. That’s it! So, stop giving 2020 unnecessary attention, because the one thing that you should pay your attention towards is ‘You’.


2. Every Day Is A‌ New Start


I know, I know, you have heard this numerous times in your life, but it doesn’t matter, because this line, “every day is a new start” is true in all sense. So, stop holding back and start doing whatever it was you wanted to achieve this year. It doesn’t matter if it’s 14th or 15th or 16th of the month, you still can achieve your goal or resolution (so typical of us). It’s never too late, it’s you who is.

3. Pro-Crastinator


Easier said than done, but you have to stop putting things on hold. You have to take some decision or in no time it’ll be December again. The same month filled with uncountable unfulfilled resolutions waiting to be completed in 10, 9, 8, 7…, you know the deal. So, please, pick up that book and start reading it. Throw that damn warm blanket away from your lazy body and go to that gym. Remember, you have taken the membership? Overcome your fear and start going out. You can do it!

As they say, “practice what you preach,”  I waited for 15 long days before writing this piece because like everyone, I was also procrastinating about blogging again. But here I am, out of my bed in front of my slow-as-me-laptop writing this for you. So, don’t wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes. Later!

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