Do You Want To Take-A-Break From Your Phone, Here's How You Can Do It

Don’t you just love afternoons during winters? I think we don’t appreciate it much. Like, when was the last time you decided to let go of your mobile phone and sit under the sun? One thing that I have realized after taking a break from my smartphone is that there so much out there to look out for.

So, while scrolling through my social media feed, I suddenly asked myself, “What am I even doing? What is this pattern that I have been following for so many years?” There was a time when we used to wake up in the morning and the first thing we did was brush our teeth, get freshen up and had the morning fuel for our body, viz. Tea or coffee. But now, look at us, the moment we open our eyes in the morning which is usually pretty late, we look for our mobile phones and god saves our soul if we don’t find it in the exact place we kept it before dozing off, it’s kind of a mini heart attack, right? Now, if you are someone who calls yourself an early bird there is nothing to be proud of because even you are addicted to your mobile if it is the first and the last thing that you touch in a 24 hours day span. This very pattern is bad for us.

So, last week I was reading an article about phone addiction and its effect on us. I was pretty shooked by some of the effects they stated in the article. For a moment, I couldn’t believe that I was an addict because to me, I was not! As Thanos said, “the reality is often disappointing,” he was right about that. My reality of being a smartphone addict was true. So, if like me you also want to take a break from your phone then let me help you see straight not down. I think these tips from my personal experience will help you the same way it helped me.

1. Stay By ‌My Side, Always!

It’s a very beautiful line if said to a human being, but a disaster if you are saying it in your head while holding your phone to your phone. The first thing I did was to switch off the phone and committed myself that I‌ won’t switch it on until midnight. In the meantime, I‌ did what I‌ like the most, I‌ started reading the novel I bought a few months back. And it felt good! So, just switch off your phone and do that one thing you used to do before Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter became your world. Little steps…

2. Ignorance Is ‌Bliss

Indeed it is! You know what, switching off your phone isn’t that hardest part, it’s the part where you keep looking at your phone, thinking about what if somebody has texted you or called you or something important has come up and it needs your attention. It was really difficult for me to ignore my phone, so hard that it felt like my mobile was on vibration and somebody was texting me again and again even though it was switched off and was lying 5-feet away from me on my study table. So, how to pass this stage?

I picked up my phone, switched it on and texted my parents that I am taking a break from my phone, hence, you might not be able to contact me for a while. I also told them that I would for sure text them or call them every time I will switch it on. For my parents, it was a dream come true. Jokes aside, tell your nearest and dearest ones about your commitment so that they won’t have to worry about you and when you are done, stop waiting for their reply and stop scrolling through your feed. Switch off the damn phone! Thank you :) 

Keep yourself busy.

3. After Day 1

I don’t even remember when was the last time I dozed off with a book in my hand. It was the stupid phone that became my night-time lullaby without which I‌ couldn’t sleep or wake up (because alarm!).

Always remember, whenever we break a habit that has been a part of our lifestyle for a very long time, we should always go easy on ourselves. Now, just because I‌ decided not to touch my phone that doesn't mean that I‌ have to ignore the craving totally. That would be really frustrating and unhealthy.

So, after waking up I went straight to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and made myself a mug of tea. I‌ kept myself busy and the thought of checking my phone didn’t pop up in my mind while I‌ did all the above things. Now when I was set, I switched on my phone, checked all the notifications, texted my parents and told them how I was feeling and they told me how happy they are for me and how much they love me. That was it. After that, I didn’t feel like checking my social media or anything and simply just switched off my phone again and decided to check it again in the evening.

4. One Week Later

It has been a week since I‌ decided to let go off of my phone and pick up better habits rather than scrolling through feeds looking at other’s people life, instead, I decided to take care of my own life which was literally off track.

I say this with all honesty that leaving my phone is one of the best decisions I took in 2020. There comes a time in everybody’s life when he or she should take charge of his life and start doing things we thought we could never do. Obviously, we need our mobile for several other things like, when we are out and need to stay connected with our family or friends, listening to music while we are in the metro, online payments, and etc.

What I am saying is that start using your phone when you are in need to use it not because you don’t have anything else to do and you are continuously on it without a track of the time. Just imagine how much time we have wasted over our smartphones when we could have done things that were more important. As I always say and believe, “you know yourself better than anybody else in the world and if you think you are doing just fine and there is no need for you to distance yourself from your phone.” You are more than welcome to skip this whole article.


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