5 Simple Life Hacks To Live A Life You Always Wanted

  • Apr 23, 2020

Well, honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know if there are any “hacks” to life as such. You constantly learn and grow and become better and better at it. At anything. But I guess I can talk from my perspective about this. Because there’s probably a trillion perspectives to anything and from each perspective another trillion of the hacks. Or maybe there’s very few of them. Maybe simple little things, very basic things. Nothing complicated. Maybe. But yeah, I think there are certain things you can abide by and follow. I don’t really favor preaching because personally I’m constantly doubtful of how things really are, and you know things aren’t always certain. You can probably take this as a more abstract version, the more “internal” kind of hacks, and not concrete life hacks such as your lifestyle. I’ll be talking about things that are more personal and private, and the ones that go on within you. Basically, how to hack your internal world well, to a certain extent.

#1 Be Kinder To Yourself

There’s a lot of negativity around and loads of shit to deal with and bear. The constant struggle to do things better or just right, to be better, to survive better, and for that there’s this silent criticism from the world directed to you to change yourself and adapt better and be better. So, we don’t really need to top it all with an internal self-criticism I feel, if you think that happens with you. People tell you enough. You need to love yourself, mostly like yourself, and frequently forgive yourself for all the mistakes. It’s okay. It really is. You’re fine. 

#2 To Not Live In Absolutes

There’s no certain truth as such, I think. There are only angles to everything that we see, and I don’t know if we can ever see things objectively really. So, forget about all the conclusions you keep drawing about the world around and be flexible to changes in perceptions and ideas about things. 

#3 To Reflect And Introspect

Try to spend some time with just yourself in a day. I mean what are we really here for? Do we really know? I don’t know. But reflecting on whatever happened each day, may, maybe, help us see things more clearly and do “life” may be closer to how it is probably supposed to be done. 

#4 Open The ‘Happiness Door’ Outwards

We can’t seek happiness, we cannot try to attain it. It’s true. If we only think about ourselves and not the others, we’ll just get more miserable. We’re all connected right, and we need to care for this connection, which implies caring for the one on the other side of that bond. If we do that well, we’ll feel okay because that’s how we’re meant to function on this planet. Connected. And not in isolation. And the bonds need to be smooth. No glitches, no selfishness, no trying to “receive” more than “give”. Then it’ll be ok. 

#5 Do What You Love

One of the very-very important hacks would be to use how doing anything at all makes you feel like the internal guide for whether it’s something you should be doing or not. You’d know if you’re doing the correct thing if it makes you feel nice, and if you feel “bleh” then you need to get up and stop doing that or do it differently. Of course, there'd be “bleh” moments you can’t really escape, and for that, we always have the food coping!

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