13 Superstitions We Still Believe In 2019

Believing in any kind of superstitions is like breathing oxygen, even you don’t want to, you still have to. You know the air is polluted but you still breathe. We are not saying that you are wrong if you believe in something but what’s the point of being born as a rational human being. But as they say, habits take a lot of time to change and when a habit revolves around some belief then you better be filled with great will-power.
Here we have 13 superstitions we Indians still believe in 2019:

#1 What’s With Cutting Nails?


Generally, Hindus believe that cutting one’s nails and hair on Saturday would bring bad luck in life because the planet Saturn gets angry (as if the planet has nothing else to do). Saturn (Shani) has always been hovering above our heads for centuries but, being hygienic on Saturday is one thing it hates the most.

#2 Beware! Of The Black Cat


A cat is a cat be it of any color. It is us who have portrayed it as evil just because they are black (PS: we are not racist). It’s a common belief that says, if a black cat crosses your way, it’s bad. The Egyptians believed that a black cat is a form of evil and should be avoided. If a black cat crosses your path then it is sure that your day’s work would get delayed or postponed. If that’s true then how come our exams never got postponed even if we were crossed by a black cat. What do you have to say now?

#3 No,13th Floor!


No explanation for this one, because number 13 is just considered unlucky. Ancient Christianity declared the number thirteen unlucky and therefore to date apartments and hotels skip the thirteenth floor. 

#4 Curse of 8


According to numerology, the number eight is ruled by the planet Shani (again Shani!) and therefore if you’re ruled by the number eight then there shall be lots of obstructions, limitations, and frustrations in your way. 

#5 Game Of An Onion And A Knife


An onion and a knife are kept under a newborn child's bed to drive away bad dreams. It is also believed that placing an onion under your pillow while you sleep will bring you great insight when dreaming about who your future partner in life will be. We suggest all single people try doing this to prove how wrong this belief is!

#6 Don't Shake Your Legs!


Shaking legs is not just a sign of nervousness. It also drives away your wealth. It is believed that if you shake your legs, prosperity will flow away from you. That explains, why we are so broke at the end of the month right!

#7 Sweeping Floors In The Evening


Even if your room is filthy, your mom will not let you sweep the floor in the evening. That's because Hindus believe that Goddess Laxmi generally visits homes during the evenings (specifically around 6-7 pm), and therefore sweeping will drive her away. This is, of course, assuming that Goddess Laxmi has a problem with basic hygiene.  

#8 "Teen Tigada, Kaam Bigada."


They say, “teen tigada, kaam bigada.” But we say if the work has to get spoiled then there is nothing that can stop it. It is all about luck. But this phrase has been installed in our mind for centuries and the effect is that we somehow still believe in this shit!

#9 Eye Twitching.


It is believed that the twitching of the right eye is good for men, and the left is good for women. In men, if the right eye is twitching you can accept some good news and in women left would do the work. So, if you see a guy or girl winking at you then don’t be happy as it could be because of the twitching of the eyes (just kidding).

#10 Crow Shit Brings Luck.


So, if you see a crow sitting on a tree then just don’t stand and run towards that tree and try to stand under that same branch on which the crow is sitting. It is believed that crow shut can actually bring good fortune for you. That’s true and people actually believe in this shit!
Adding one rupee to a gift sum is auspicious.

#11 Power Of One


Have you seen a wedding envelope our parents give to the weddings? In that envelope, you can find a one-rupee coin already installed. Why is that? Because one is considered a lucky number. We don’t know why they say it is lucky as in your childhood you might have tried to steal it and you still remember the day when your mom and her favorite slipper tagged team together.

#12 People With Flat Feet Bring Bad Luck


Many people in India consider flat feet as bad luck. Mostly, in women. In ancient India, during arrange marriage ritual, the groom’s family used to check the bride’s feet. They say flat feet are a sign of widowhood. It’s a weird world out there. Its 21st-century guys!

#13 The 'Black Spot'


You might have seen a baby with a cute face and what’s that? A black tikka. Yes, people believe that putting a black dot on baby drive away 'buri nazar'(evil eyes). So, they put a tikka on the baby’s forehead and cheek to make sure that people who find the baby cute aren’t just faking it.

We don’t know if what could change the belief but born as a rational being should not make us the puppets of these habits. I hope you don’t fall into this category of people who believe in such stuff. If you do then who are we stop you if it’s making your life easier.

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